Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a form of short-term therapy which is used to improve attachment, bonding in adults-relationship and to sort out wrong emotional behavior. This therapy is helpful to sort out emotional conflicts between couples as well as families. This type of treatment can help couples and family members to form such a secure emotional bond, which can result in more strong relationship and improve communication. EFT enhances the decision making skill of the patient. It is an effective treatment to root out those unpleasant emotions that are disturbing a patient continuously.

How EFT Is Helpful?

EFT is very important to cure emotional disorders as it enables a person to understand the following facts.

  • How emotions are produced
  • The importance of emotions for normal human functioning
  • How emotions are related to thoughts and behavior
  • How to smoothen their emotions
  • How to leave wild emotions

Emotionally focused therapy groom the emotions of a person and bring about the following changes in patient.

  • Cause physiologic changes
  • Influence thinking style
  • Provide suggestion for future actions
  • Change personal emotion
  • Provide awareness about all types of emotions
  • Enables a person to regulate his emotions
  • Enables the patient to evaluate that how emotions are helpful and unhelpful in various situation
  • Develop an ability to change unhelpful emotions with helpful one

EFT is a type of therapy which mainly works to improve a person’s over all functioning. Through EFT, people realize that their emotions are valuable instead of painful and grief producing. People who experience depression during coping with challenges of life and spend most of their time in avoiding difficult situations, need emotionally focused therapy. Such type of patients find relief in staying away from those things which are problematic for them. They love to spend much of their time lonely in a dark room and in thinking about their past. Those people who remain furious all the time or become aggressive without any reason, need this kind of therapy. Sometimes childhood abuse or neglect becomes a reason of wrong emotional behavior of a person even in his adulthood and this kind of abuse disturbs a person in his whole life. In such circumstances, EFT proves very helpful to cure such type of patients. EFT has proven to be a powerful approach for couples who a dealing with current and pass traumatic incidence, and who want to live a happy married life. Through EFT people become more aware of their partner’s needs or their family members and they start discussing their problems with each other. This technique unwinds all those facts that are alarming and can prove threating for relationship.

Ways to do effective EFT:

We have experienced therapist, who have ability to bring about an effective emotionally focused therapy.This kind of therapy can only proves effective when it is done by experienced therapist. Following steps are considered by our therapist to make an effective EFT.

Exploring negative emotions:

Before treatment a doctor always diagnosis the reason of disease. The same case is with EFT. First of all, our therapist explore the reasons that contribute to negative behavior and conflicts among families. Sometime it can prove very challenging for patients and also for therapist to revise the difficult or intense incidents of the previouslife of patients. After diagnosing the major root of problem, next step is to sort out it.

Developing healthy emotions:

During an EFT session, a therapist direct patient to think in entirely different and in pleasant way. While doing this kind of therapy, our therapists focus on addressing emotions, rather giving homework to patients. Therapists adopt an empathetic behavior and help patients to leave all their wrong behaviors.


Our therapists also help patients to learn that how they can share their emotions with their partners or with their family members. EFT also help people to become responsible and efficient in daily matters of life. It also reduces mutual conflicts between partners and family members to a great extent.


During the final step of emotional focused therapy, a therapist helps the patient to develop new communication strategies and to practice these skills while interacting others. It also enable a person to think about that patterns which can prevent conflicts. It discourages the habit of criticism among family members. All these habits create permanent changes in the patients and can also help to reinforce the relationship among family members. It can also create healing environment for partners and family members. In this way a strong and secure bond is formed among members.

If you are disturbed emotionally and want to spend a healthy and pleasant life like other happy families, then you should attend EFT sessions of our experiencedtherapists regularly to change your life.

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