It’s normal to have anxiety but when it comes to anxiety disorder it a deadly combination its effect last for life on that person. Anxiety is a mental condition in which a person’s reaction toward situations and thing is no more normal. Also, anxiety disorder is a type of mental illness in which a person continuously experiences fear and dread.


What are the major causes of anxiety disorder?


Multiple types of research have been done to know the major causes of anxiety problems. Research says that there are compound factors which include genes, diets, and stress. Other than this following can be the reason for the anxiety condition.


Situation and stressful events may lead to intense anxiety for example death of some close to one, work stress, financial problem, and drug and alcohol use can be the cause of anxiety disorder.


Medical causes of anxiety disorder


There are several medical diseases that may associate with anxiety. Like heart problems, diabetes, thyroid problem, respiratory problem, chronic pain and withdraw of drugs also can cause this condition.


Certain medications side effect also leads to anxiety disorder.



What are the symptoms of anxiety disorder?


Following signs can be noticed in a person suffering from this condition.


1. Insomnia


2. Headache


3. Digestive problems


4. Poor quality of life


5. Suicidal wish


6. Depression


7. Social isolation


Anxiety disorder in children


It is likely that children also suffer from this condition but it is more terrifying in kids as they don’t know how to deal with that. It is a common treatable condition that affects one out of eight children


Symptoms of anxiety in children


Children show a couple of clear signs that show their mental health is not good and normal as it should be.

  1. Not sleeping
  2. Bad dreams
  3. Walking in night
  4. Getting angry
  5. Having negative thoughts
  6. Worry
  7. Being out of control

The major cause of anxiety disorder in children


In the case of children, small things can lead to an imbalance in their life besides these serious situations may become the reason for a disorder like anxiety. Following are the major causes of children’s condition.

  1. Change of house and school
  2. Frequently moving from the place where they love to live
  3. Death of close relative and friend
  4. Physical illness
  5. Accident scenes
  6. School-related issues like exam
  7. Parent argument and fights
  8. Being abused
  9. Neglect

Treatment of anxiety in children


Evidence shows that childhood anxiety persists if it goes without treatment. Anxiety disorder can be treated by both


Treatment of anxiety in children


Back view of a thoughtful young businessman sitting on chair looking at a scribble on a wall feeling confused with too many questions


Medication Psychologically


Medication treatment


For the treatment of children, mild drug medicines are used as some medications have adverse effects on children’s life. Most commonly adolescent is used for the treatment of the anxiety disorder.


Psychological treatment


Psychological treatment is also important with medication. This involves much therapy.


CBT therapy


This cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best-known therapy that works on kids suffering from this condition.


333 rule anxiety


It is about moving your body parts, ankle fingers, and arm this made you in a relaxing condition that helps you cope with anxiety disorder. This rule helps you to control your mind and make you active in the present moment.


Ways to help children to cove anxiety


We could not eliminate anxiety we can help them how to manage it.


1. Avoidness make children anxious


2. Express positive but realistic


3. Respecting feelings


4. Don’t ask leading question


Children are more likely to affect by their surroundings or in case of child suffer from this mental health is more affected easy it is important to take care of them

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