How Can You Define Mental Health?


Mental health is a state which includes our emotions, psychological and social well being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also determines how we handle normal situations of life like making choices and relate things and people. If some person finding difficult in daily work like making decision and thinking etc. the person possibly going through poor mental health.


What causes mental illness?


Its main cause may be childhood abuse, trauma, neglect, poverty, loneliness, hopelessness, long term stress, death of some close one and guilt of some things also become reasons of mental illness.


What are the symptoms of mental health?


A person suffering from this condition may show deferent signs for example being in stress all the time, extreme mood change of high and low ,excessive fear and worries, change in eating habits ,feeling tired all the time ,not showing interest meeting friends and it also reduce thinking abilities of person. If this condition least for longest time it may leads to depression and anxiety like severe disorders


How to deal with mental health?


It’s important to take care of yourself and look after your mental health by making simple changes in your lifestyle. Medication can also help you to cope with your situation but it is not that effective as a psychological one. We can deal with this situation in several ways;


Mental Health


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Expression of your feelings


Talking about your feeling with your loved ones can help you to overcome your mental health and help you to deal with time when you feel bad or having a bad day. Talking can be a way to cope with the problems you are surrounded by. it makes you feel supportive and less lonely.


Keep active


Experts say that regular exercise can help in mental health. By exercise a chemical releases in our brain that make us feel better .exercise doesn’t just mean doing sports or gym. Try to do physical activity that you enjoy in a part of your day, like walking in park, gardening or some housework can also keep you active.


Eating habits


People suffering from bad mental healthshould move their diet toward healthy and nutritive one. There is a strong link between what you eat or feel. Like other organs of body, brain also needs some specific nutrients to stay healthy. A most healthy diet may include, vegetables, fruits, dry fruit and the most important to have plenty of water.


Be in touch


There is no better than meeting with your family and friends. Friends and family can make you feel included and free. They can also help you to keep active and make you out of mental health issues.


Ask for support


World in which we live, sometimes we all get tired of it. If the thing is getting too much on your head just ask for help and support from a professional, it makes you get out of things by which you are surrounded


Talk a break


Change in your routine work or change of place is good for mental health. It may be a few minute breaks from cleaning your kitchen stuff or a lunch break at your work place or going to new places on weekend, making tours to hills stations also work.


Doing something you’re good at


Activities that make you feel happy and the one you are best at. Enjoying yourself helps you beat your bad mental health. It may also include caring for others like pets and all, this brings happiness and well-being in life.

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