Anxiety is a sentiment denoted by feelings of tenseness, disturbing thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. People with anxiety disorders usually have unusual thoughts or concerns. Most of the time avoid certain situations out of worry.


Children with anxiety


For children, it is normal to feel bad and worried about small things happening around them. as anxiety is a sensation of uneasiness, and it is an understandable situation in children as they have visible extreme changes in their regular behavior.


Symptoms of anxiety in children


this can be made a child have a sense of sacredness, panicking embarrassment, etc. there are some important signs that one can observe in a child that going through in condition.

  1. Lack of attentiveness
  2. Insomnia
  3. Eating problems
  4. Extreme mood signs
  5. Feel of worry all the time
  6. Being clingy
  7. Often suffer from illness
  8. Waking with bad dreams
  9. Start shouting and crying on a small matter

Symptoms of anxiety in children


Effects of anxiety on children


Children who suffer from this may go through many things and also experience a lot of difficulties in normal life routines


Phobias and fear of specific things


In childhood, we all have fear of monsters, cats, dogs, and dark places. It is normal to go through this situation during growing years but when these fear start overwhelming children’s normal day-to-day work it is an alarming sign.


Feeling upset all the time for no reason


Some children have gone through this situation as they feel upset all day without any reason. It is hard to remember for those to know when they last time feel relaxed. This condition lasts for a long time that became more difficult.


Become unsocial


Children who go through this most of the time become unsocial. They try their best to avoid the situation where they have to meet so many people. they also avoid family dinners. They prefer to stay alone in the house or public places as well.


School performance


Children experiencing such things could not give their best during school. they do not take part in any school activities like in functions and sports. Children having such mental conditions also avoid participation in classwork which ultimately affects their studies. this makes them unable to perform their best in exams and tests, which going to affect their future as well.


Medical effects


Many pieces of research have been done which show that due to anxiety children may suffer from several diseases like heart problems, brain hemorrhage, low immunity, gastrointestinal issues. Those who already have heart issues there increase the risk of coronary events.


Avoid friendships


When children have and social anxiety he afraid of making long-lasting friendships. As they do not involve in conversation with the people as they think that people will have bad thinking about them.


Avoid friendships


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Causes of anxiety in children


As children can easily be affected by the sound environment in no time. Even a small little change in life can lead to the destruction of things in their life. Following are some apparent reasons for children in condition.

  1. Very often moving house an school
  2. Domestic valance
  3. Death of close relative and friends
  4. Suffer from long physical illness
  5. School-related issues
  6. Facing neglecting
  7. Fear of exams

Treatment of anxiety in children


It is important to know the root of your issue as also understanding that it is not your fault .this is the first step to move towards your betterment and making your life free of anxiety conditions. Some medicines can help to cure this situation in children’s like duloxetine and fluoxetine. Other than this psychotherapy is the best in curing anxiety problems. Friends and family support is also equally worth for children to cope with this condition

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