Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. Stress management includes a wide range of techniques and psychotherapy use to control the high levels of stress of a person. It also improve the everyday functioning of a person. The stress may be acute or chronic. Acute stress is a very short term type of stress that can be positive or also can be negative. This type of stress is not much hazardous and we encounter acute stress on daily basis. Chronic stress is long lasting and never ending form of stress. Stress of a bad marriage or extremely taxing job are all included in chronic form of stress.


Symptoms of stress:


If you notices the following symptoms in yourselves then it is clear that you are suffering from some sort of stress.


Psychological signs:


Anxiety, difficulty in concentrating about something and trouble remembering are the psychological signs of stress.


Emotional signs:


Being angry, irritated, moody and frustrated every-time are those emotional symptoms which indicates that you are suffering from some kind of stress.


Physical sings:


High blood pressure, obesity, heart diseases, difficulty in sleeping, dizziness, ulcer, diabetes, hair loss, changes in weight, severe headache, frequent colds or infections and changes in menstrual cycle are the physical signs which shows that you are suffering from stress.


Behavioral signs:


Poor self-care, not heaving a time to enjoy things or relying on drugs and alcohol to gain satisfaction are behavioral signs, which ensures that you are suffering from stress.


Why it is important to manage stress?


If you are living with high levels of chronic stress then obviously, you are putting your entire well-beings at risk. Stress destroy your physical health, as well as your emotional equilibrium. It destroys your abilities to do creativity in your daily tasks. It narrows your ability to think properly about something, to function effectively and to enjoy happy moments of life. It develops a feeling that you are worthless and you have nothing. You may get stress whenever you compare yourself with other, who have more things than you.


A person who is suffering from stress thinks that he can’t do anything to get relief from stress. But this type of conception is absolutely wrong. To make your life better and happier, you have to manage your stress level. An effective stress management helps you to remove all worries of life and can also make you healthier and productive. The major aims of stress management are balanced life, creating ability to work on time, equilibrium in relationship, relaxation, having fun to hold pressure and developing an ability to cope with the challenges of life in the patient.



Techniques to manage stress:


Stress is not a distinct medical disease and there is not a single and specific treatment for it. Stress is treated by changing the panic situations, by developing stress coping skills, by implementing relaxation techniques and by changing conditions that may cause chronic stress.


We have expert doctors, who manages chronic form of stress by multiple techniques. They may use some sort of psychotherapy, medication or alternative medicines to cure stress. Which form of treatment is used to cure patient, depends on the mental and physical conditions of the patient. Stress is manage by implementing the following methods.


Recognizing the reasons of stress:


The first step to solve every problem is to know the basic root of that problem. During managing stress, firstly the doctor tries his best to explore the major causes of stress. To know the causes of stress, the doctor listen all the routine-wise tasks of the patient and also asks about the problem causing thinks in the life of patient.


Treatment through psychotherapy:


In this form of treatment, the doctor tries to cure the patient by means of different forms of psychotherapy. He suggests patient to develop some healthy habits like doing exercise regularly, taking care of yourself and practicing mindfulness. Exercising regularly leaves extraordinary effects on the physical and mental health of the patient. It is a best way to cure mental and physical illness. For stress management, it is essential to incorporate self-care activities in your daily life. Self-care is a spirit that ensures relief from stress. Practicing mindfulness is also very crucial in managing stress. For effective stress management, you have to practice mindfulness not only for 10 to 20 minutes but for your whole day.




Sometimes medication is used to cure some sorts of stress. This technique is used when psychotherapy doesn’t seem effective in curing the stress of a patient. Such medication include sleep aids, antacids, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.


Complementary and alternative medicines:


Sometimes complementary and alternative medicines are implemented to cure high levels of chronic stress. These medicines include aromatherapy, massage, yoga, and acupuncture.

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