Depressions are a persistent feeling of sadness and no longer have interest, which terminates you doing your normal activities. There are so many types of depression that exist, with symptoms ranging from relatively minor to severe. Generally, depression does not result from a single event, but a mix of events and factors. Depression in children has a destructive outlook


Depression in children


When it comes to children it is a point that must be under observation as it has the potential of destroying children’s lives physically and emotionally as well. Depression in children is a serious mental health problem that causes a feeling of sadness, frustration, and loss of interest in activities. It affects how your child thinks, feels, and behaves, and it can also become the reason for emotional, functional, and physical problems. Although depression can occur at any time in life, its symptoms vary as it affects by ages and situations.



Symptoms of Depression in Children


Depression signs and symptoms include a change from the children’s previous attitude and behavior that have significant distress and problems at school or home, in social activities, or the other aspect of life.


Depression symptoms can vary but changes in your child emotions and behavior may include the following


Emotional changes


As depression mainly affect the emotional value of the child. the child suffers from this experience of high levels of emotional imbalance. It is important for parents that they must be alert of such changes in their child’s behavior.

  1. crying spells for no reason
  2. frustration
  3. hopelessness
  4. emptiness
  5. not getting involved in activities
  6. lose interest
  7. not feeling happy in usual things
  8. mood variation from extreme to low
  9. no confidence
  10. fear of failed

Behavioral changes


Following are the visible changes that one can observe in children who suffer from depression

  1. tiredness
  2. loss of energy
  3. experiencing insomnia
  4. change in food routines
  5. weight loss
  6. slowed thinking and body movement
  7. lost speaking confidence
  8. making suicidal plans
  9. became addictive to alcohols and drugs
  10. Anger out blast.

Causes of depression in children


According to research, 3% of children experience depression. It is common for boys of age up to 10 whereas, at the age of 16, girls are more likely to get through depression. There are a lot of reasons that children are more commonly suffer from depression. Following are the causes of depression in children.


Family History


Sometimes family history plays an important role, which became the cause of depression in children. Families with criminal records sometimes became the reason for child upsetness. They most of the time spent in fear of unknown danger


Physical Illness


Life is all about fun and enjoyment for kids but when children often face health issues or go through a long time of illness this became the reason for their depression.


Physical Illness


Life Events


Most of the time a person goes through several disturbing events an adult person copes with it with patients but in the case of children, these events have a very serious and bad effect on their mental health. Like the death of some close one.


Environment Factor


In today’s life, most people like to live in city areas. These areas most of the time surrounded by traffic and heavy machinery. Which are often became the cause of noise pollution. This environment is so disturbing for the children that cause depression in children.


Treatment of Depression in Children


As far as the treatment of depression is concerned families and friends play the best role as children need a lot of attention which helps in overcoming this condition in children. As medical treatment is concerned most of the time anti-depression pills are used by doctors. Psychological counseling helps a lot in making well work of the brain and overcome depression

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